Star OSU House
OHIO State University


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Sam Masters via his e-mail at You can also call him at (614) 432-5409We are always in need of volunteers in the following areas:


Our youth enjoy meeting and interacting with members of our community. If you love to play cards or simply want to meet youth with fascinating stories, we encourage you to come spend time with them.



At certain times in the year, we become inundated with donated clothing and hygiene supplies. We could use help sorting and organizing our storage rooms.



It isn't often that our youth have the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal. If you are willing and able to bring or prepare a meal, our youth would greatly appreciate it.


Resume/ Application Writing

Applying for jobs and schools can be difficult for our youth who haven't been through this process before. Our youth really appreciate advice from adults and members of the community who are familiar with writing resumes and applying for jobs.

Local community members and businesses can provide training in their area of expertise to increase the youths' skill sets.



Although it isn't very glamorous, it is difficult for us to remain on top of all the house cleaning duties, at times. With many youth using our kitchen, bathrooms, and clothing closet, we often could use help keeping the house in order.