Star OSU House
OHIO State University

Services We Provide

  • Engage disconnected youth. Conduct outreach to the streets, soup kitchens, libraries, parks, campsites, etc. 
  • We are an Ohio Benefit Bank site, which allows us to apply for entitlements that youth may be eligible for, such as food stamps. We are also have direct access which speeds up the process for receiving benefits and removes many potential barriers.
  • Meet basic needs. Offer food, showers, washer/dryer, relaxation. 
  • Offer homeless youth connection to critical services that help reintegrate them back into the community. Just a few examples are education, employment, mental/physical healthcare, parenting support, and housing providers. 
  • Rebuild trust and hope, and increase social capital. Provide unconditional positive regard. Trust and hope are necessary components for youth to engage in more intensive services. 
  • Engage those who failed in other programs. Homeless youth come 'as they are' and as long as the rules are followed, they can remain. Program is unstructured and flexible to help ensure success. 
  • Offer psychotherapy and case management to interested youth.
  • Provide a safe respite from the streets. A security guard and at least two staff members are present with visitors at all times. 
  • Engage the community. Community members interact with youth and volunteer time, food and activities.

* All services are free and confidential